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Twin Mountain and Rock Creek Lake are just two examples of the beauty we enjoy in Haines, Oregon and the northeast corner of our state.

There's enough bad news out there. 

Twin Mountain News celebrates our rich history, unique and positive stories about our neighbors, local businesses, and events in the communities of Muddy Creek, Rock Creek, Haines, and North Powder, Oregon---as well as our neighbors in the Baker Valley.

There is such a treasure trove of historical information hidden within museum notebooks, libraries, old newspaper clippings, in the memories of our vibrant elders, and the corners of attics. Twin Mountain News shares these bits and pieces of our past and celebrates our people. If you have memories you'd like to share, email Below: Gina Perkins, editor and husband Lynn Perkins, a 5th generation member of family that led a wagon train to this area in the early 1860s.

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